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Insurance adjusting (IA) firms need the right claims management system to serve their customers efficiently and effectively while remaining cost-effective. The right solution will depend on your unique business and growth goals — so how do you know which claims management system is right for you? This whitepaper will lay out a cost-benefit analysis of investing in a Software as a Service system or using custom software. Download the whitepaper to explore:

  • The factors that you should consider when selecting a solution, from claim volume to anticipated growth.

  • The difference between SaaS and custom solutions, including a cost-benefit breakdown of each option.

  • How to look for a partner who can support your growth and provide the right claims management solution for you.


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Analyze Your Options

We'll take a look at the factors influencing whether a SaaS model or a custom management solution is a better choice for your firm.


Case Studies and Examples

What's the difference between a firm processing 5,000 claims and a firm processing 20,000 claims annually? This whitepaper breaks down the math to show how the numbers guide your ideal solution.


Calculate Your Firm's Needs

With our embedded calculator, you can input your firm's unique processing needs and see a long-term cost-benefit analysis customized to your ideal solution.


Find Your Ideal Software Solution with Susco

Each IA firm is unique; whether you invest in a SaaS model or a custom solution, your claims management software should be based on your processing and applications. This whitepaper will help you start asking the right questions to determine your ideal solution.

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